Taking Time to Be On Purpose

Kainoa FishingI took my nephew fishing for his birthday outing this past weekend.  It was hot and humid—not a single breeze stirred the air.  I came there with the single-minded intent that we were going to catch fish and have us a great time—yes, we were!

We took a piece of bread, rolled it up into a ball and stuck it onto our hooks, then plopped it into the water and waited patiently.  Time and time again, we pulled the line up from the water only to find an empty hook gleaming in the hot sun.  Well, after multiple wads of bread got nibbled off our hooks, I became a bit disenchanted.  Sweat was trickling down my neck—and I was just standing still!  It didn’t help when a bunch of students from Japan decided to invade our fishing spot—OUR fishing spot, mind you!  Worse, they started pulling fish out of the water, one after another.  Very disturbing.

Kainoa Fishing2

But then I took a mental step back, and a thought, like a still, small voice spoke to me.  “Am I really here to catch fish?”  Glancing over at my nephew, his face filled with quiet determination, I realized my purpose in coming here was to spend time with him.  It wasn’t about the fish.  Long story short, he caught four fish, I caught three, and we went home satisfied.

The lesson I learned there wasn’t about how to catch fish, but why.  It’s easy to get caught up in the how and the what, and get caught up in the flurry of activities that go with that, but do we really know why we do what we do?  Take the time to be on purpose.

Love, Laugh and Live Your Best!


How to Find Your Purpose

Do you really think it’s all about the money?  Well yes, we’re in business to make a living, pay the bills, put food on the table, and maybe even buy a few toys.  But is that it?  If Find Purposeit is, then your business is nothing more than a job, and you’re the boss.

In order to have a business that gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, you must determine your life’s purpose.  If your purpose is the driver behind all that you do, whether at work or play, you will operate with greater clarity and focus and truly make an impact with the service you provide.  Life becomes richer when you merge passion and purpose.

So how does one go about determining their purpose?  Here’s an exercise that will begin to unveil what that is for you:

  • List all the things that you value most for every aspect of life (financially, relationships, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.)
  • List all the things you are great at and enjoy doing.
  • List all the things you’ve ever wanted to do.
  • Prioritize the lists and take the top 3 from each list.

You should start to see a picture emerge of the things that stir you, that motivate and inspire you.  Write out a summary description, as if you were defining who that person is, based on those top values.

Is it someone who has a heart for reaching the underprivileged?

Is it someone who wants to inspire others to excel?

Is it someone who has a competitive streak and challenges others to step it up and step out to be the best they can?

Or is it someone who brings comfort and healing to the hurting?

This is you!  This is who you are, and if you take that into your business, you will make a huge impact through your service to others and gain a newfound sense of accomplishment that endures.

Get Your ACT Together!

ScarySo here we are at the last quarter of 2013.  How have you done so far for the first three quarters?  Are you on target to reaching the goals you set at the beginning of the year?  Now is a good time to reflect on all that has happened this year, and evaluate your progress.  If you’re finding that you’re behind schedule, or that some projects have completely fallen by the wayside, all is not lost.

There are still 90 days left until the New Year.  That’s enough time to make a significant impact on your intentions for this year, and finish strong.  If your previous performance is less than satisfactory, don’t fret.  It’s time to pull yourself up and course-correct.  Start by doing this simple exercise that I call ACT!

A – ASSESS:  Look back at your original plans for this year.  List your goals and determine the percentage completed.  Is it 50%?  25%?  Or are you right at 75%?  For each goal, write down what obstacles you encountered if you are behind, and come up with 3 possible solutions to overcome them.  Next, write down what worked for you if you are on target.  (Great job, by the way!)  –How might you improve on that for even greater productivity?   

C – COORDINATE:  Look at your list of goals and take the top 3 that are most meaningful to you, and can realistically be done in 90 days.  Perhaps they have the greatest impact or are the most urgent.  Whatever the case, list them by priority, and make a plan of action.  Break down each goal into the steps needed to accomplish them, and—(here’s the key) schedule it into your calendar!

T – TACKLE:  Well, this is the obvious one.  Take action and tackle the items you scheduled.  The best of intentions are absolutely worthless, if you don’t do something about it.

There you are! You have 90 days and counting to finish off the year strong. Now go and get your ACT together!

Demystifying Project Management

Project management is a term that is bandied around a lot these days, especially in the corporate world. If you assumed that the term simply means completing a project from start to end, you are right in some ways… and wrong in others.

To understand what project management really means, let alone what it entails, you first need to understand what a project is. One definition states that a project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result” (PMI).

If you are busy working on a once-off task, be it at work, home or the social landscape, then you are essentially in charge of project management. The term may sound overwhelming to those who are new to managing projects, but the good news is that, with the right process, you can ensure project success.

How to Ensure Effective Project Management

Project management can be summed up in 3 steps – design, implementation and measurement. Throughout each step, processes and tasks are designated to relevant people within your team. Each step can be broken down as follows:

Reach the Business Success you Desire. Email Marketing Strategies That Can’t be Ignored

Email marketing is an excellent and cost effective way to reach out to prospects and clients. But as competition grows, the need to stand out and gain the attention of your audience has become more apparent. Smart email marketing campaigns need to be creative and focused on the end result you are trying to achieve – to gain the attention of your target audience, increase client loyalty and establish yourself as a professional in your field.

It’s the beginning of a new decade and the beginning of new initiatives. Here are some steps you should take to improve your email marketing campaign for the new year:

Get Permission and Don’t Spam

The number one rule to achieving a successful email marketing campaign is to ensure all contacts on your list know you are emailing them and want the information you are sending.  Without obtaining permission, you risk being blacklisted and losing client loyalty. Emails can be powerful but spamming is annoying.  To obtain permission, offer an incentive in return for contact information. This can include a white paper, a discount or a valuable informational newsletter.